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Since foundation fo the Company, depending on professional and exquisite attainment in the kitchen and wardrobe industries and observing the rigorous European standards, SigMann has won trust from the global loft cabinet customers and established the high-end wardrobe and kitchen furniture brand images and the high-quality personage business card.

To thank for supports from the lofty cabinet customers, guarantee the lofty cabinets’ rights and interests, jointly maintain sound goodwill of SigMann, on the basis of practice, we launch the all-around security identification system and help you identify the genuine products. We strongly recommend you to buy SigMann products at the directly affiliated and operated stores and the special counter. We grant the legal authorization and supervision over the products and services supplied to each business partner. To protect your rights and interests, customers purchasing SigMann products can log on the Company’s order inquiry system with some related data and verify theproducts are genuine or not. If you find that your rights and interests are infringed, your timely feedback is welcomed.  

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SigMann prints the SigMann original brand mark on components of the products, including the mark on the front side and the reflection mark (SigMann and 葡京棋牌捕鱼王网址). The mark texture is clear without impurity, referring to SigMann official LOGO, the line size is uniformed and the letters are orderly arranged without difference.   

For instance: the front side seal of the milk white cabinet body is printed with the line patterns, with the die SigMann marks, one on the front side and the other on the reverse side.   


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